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is the educational branch of BUTTERY FILMS, a video production company founded by MATTEO BERTOLI.

The mission of BUTTERY ACADEMY is to help people becoming better filmmakers and cinematographers through online courses and workshops.

Matteo is a freelance cinematographer and filmmaker with 12 years experience in the film industry. He worked for clients like Apple, McDonald’s, Twitter, Mercedes, Verizon and many more and he lived and worked in three different countries.

Matteo has always had a big passion for sharing his knowledge with other filmmakers. In facts he runs a Youtube channel focused on filmmaking and cinematography with more than 60k subscribers and more than 8M views.

BUTTERY ACADEMY is a way for Matteo to go deeper in the educational world and to share even more tips and advices with other fellow filmmakers, whether they are just starting out or they are already  working in this industry.

Learn filmmaking and cinematography with me!

In this course I am gonna share with you what I learned in my 10 years experience working as professional filmmaker and cinematographer.
 During these years I directedproducededited and graded many projects for small, medium and big clients.
I'm gonna share advices and tips, but I will also break down some of my works and explain what I did and why.



Below you'll find some of my favorite Youtube videos that I just recently uploaded. This is just a little sneak peek at what I am gonna talk about in the course.
During the lives we're gonna dive deep in all these topics, so be ready!
Wanna watch some of my recent works?

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Matteo Bertoli REEL

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Hey Matteo,
These lessons have thought me a lot over the past 4 weeks. Not only was I able to get back outside and
shoot after not picking up my camera for awhile. I was able to produce memorable images by implementing things I learnt. Whether it was through the use of false colors to make sure my exposure was correct or using contrast to add depth to the shot.
The class itself was very instructive, and fun, You showed us clips and broke down some of your own
projects, explaining your thought process behind each scene. You made sure to answer each question anyone would have, and even extended the class to answer more questions. I hope in the near future we can get a master class on lighting techniques.
If I had to give the class a number grade Its a 5/5
Hello Matteo, first of all I want to thank you for a great course, about it:

- Great sound and video quality
- Perfect to build a community where we can share experience, stories, questions etc (Facebook group)
- interesting topics and good layout throughout the course
- Taking your time, not trying to rush anything
- Covered the most essential topics, such as how much to charge, the importance of a portfolio, upload online (youtube/vimeo/etc), cinematography, lighting, backup, lenses, cameras, behind the scenes (Loved it) color grading (Popular topic that you could make more lessons on)
Hey Matteo,
Feedback for the course:
I quite enjoyed it. I think you did a really good job with everything: you had all the points
planned out and went through things in a pretty logical way.
The only thing I would say is that some folks wait for questions until the end of a session to make sure they get through everything.
I think that's just a personal preference for the person who is hosting though. You actually stayed extra time to make sure everybody was understanding, which was really nice.
I'm not sure how common that is out
there as I have never taken a course like this before, but I know my girlfriend hosts these kinds of things all the time because of her work with the government and they typically seem pretty rigid.
To be honest I really liked the way you held the sessions because it felt more laid back and like people could actually ask questions and discuss things if they felt the need. I'm always partial to more casual stuff, so that worked for me.
Anyway, I think that's all I can really say. I really enjoyed the sessions, and I think you did a good
job with them. I don't think you'll have any issues in the future if you want to do more stuff like this. Cheers.
I loved the lessons and watched them all - really great information
that can help many videographers out there step up their game!
Hey Matteo, I finally had a chance to finish the course, and I want to say thank you!
I learned a lot, and I feel inspired to
work harder and continue down this path.
I'm really grateful that you were willing to share your journey with us.
It helps to know that you were once just like us!
Hi Matteo. I hope you are doing well in your new home.
Here are my thoughts on the course:
I'm a professional musician and I run a small recording studio for music. Music video production has been growing with social media, so I've started to learn some video production. Im
autodidact in video/filmmaking and I've been learning for some years now using a Sony A6000, a BMPCC, and a BMPCC 6k with the help of youtube and my experience.

The Course provided me with a general perspective on all aspects concerning filmmaking and how to develop it.
Helped me a lot when we approached framing, contrast, depth through the analysis of some of your work, and helped me to use it on my own filming.
I've also enjoyed being a part of a community and share this learning experience with people from all over the world.
The filming assignment was fun to do and I'm very grateful for your feedback.
Hope in the future we can continue learning with other courses!!


Matteo Bertoli was born in Brescia, Italy.
In 2011 Matteo graduated from University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Brescia) in "Sciences and Technologies of Arts and Entertainment". In January 2012 Matteo began his full time career as a freelance filmmaker in Italy. After a short period of time in his home country he decided to move to Ireland, where he directed and shot his first short film "Brenda" and many other projects. In January 2016 Matteo moved to the US and after a short period of time working full time for various advertising agencies, he decided to start his own production company BUTTERY Films. In November 2018 Matteo shot his first feature film as director of photography, called Psychosynthesis and directed by Noam Kroll.
In September 2021 Matteo shot his second feature film "Faerie".
During his career, Matteo worked on many projects for a large variety of clients including Mercedes, Apple, Adidas, Facebook, Twitter, McDonald's and many more. Right now he still runs his production company, but he also works as freelance cinematographer on commercials, corporate, documentaries and feature films.