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Learn filmmaking and cinematography with Matteo Bertoli

Step up your cinematography with my 6 hours course

What you'll get:

  • My method to improve filmmaking and reach high level clients
  • Behind the scene of my main works
  • Cinematography breakdowns
  • Simple secrets I use that will immediately improve every shot 
  • Access to exclusive community on Facebook

Perfect if you wish to...

  • Attract High Paying Clients
  • Improve your cinematography skills
  • Improve your color grading process
  • Have clients coming to you instead of begging for work
  • Build a dream portfolio of work that you love
  • Be able to pick and choose what projects you want
  • Have more fun
  • Be more creative with your work

6 hours to let me show you:

  • How to start networking
  • My approach to cinematography
  • Master your production work flow
  • How to master and create better lighting scenes
  • Choosing the right gear to create more powerful footage
  • Create a portfolio that you absolutely love

What People Are Saying:

Hi Matteo. I hope you are doing well in your new home. Here are my thoughts on the course: I'm a professional musician and I run a small recording studio for music. Music video production has been growing with social media, so I've started to learn some video production. Im autodidact in video/filmmaking and I've been learning for some years now using a Sony A6000, a BMPCC, and a BMPCC 6k with the help of youtube and my experience. The Course provided me with a general perspective on all aspects concerning filmmaking and how to develop it. Helped me a lot when we approached framing, contrast, depth through the analysis of some of your work, and helped me to use it on my own filming. I've also enjoyed being a part of a community and share this learning experience with people from all over the world. The filming assignment was fun to do and I'm very grateful for your feedback. Hope in the future we can continue learning with other courses!!


Hey Matteo, I finally had a chance to finish the course, and I want to say thank you! I learned a lot, and I feel inspired to work harder and continue down this path. I'm really grateful that you were willing to share your journey with us. It helps to know that you were once just like us!


I loved the lessons and watched them all - really great information that can help many videographers out there step up their game!


Hey Matteo, Feedback for the course: I quite enjoyed it. I think you did a really good job with everything: you had all the points planned out and went through things in a pretty logical way. The only thing I would say is that some folks wait for questions until the end of a session to make sure they get through everything. I think that's just a personal preference for the person who is hosting though. You actually stayed extra time to make sure everybody was understanding, which was really nice. I'm not sure how common that is out there as I have never taken a course like this before, but I know my girlfriend hosts these kinds of things all the time because of her work with the government and they typically seem pretty rigid. To be honest I really liked the way you held the sessions because it felt more laid back and like people could actually ask questions and discuss things if they felt the need. I'm always partial to more casual stuff, so that worked for me. Anyway, I think that's all I can really say. I really enjoyed the sessions, and I think you did a good job with them. I don't think you'll have any issues in the future if you want to do more stuff like this. Cheers.


Hello Matteo, first of all I want to thank you for a great course, about it: - Live is better then recorded lectures - Great sound and video quality on the stream - Great that we can watch live-lessons later or for those who could not attend the live meeting to be able to watch it later - Perfect to build a community where we can share experience, stories, questions etc (Facebook group) - interesting topics and good layout throughout the course - Taking your time, not trying to rush anything even tho we passed the scheduled time of the live-lecture - Time of the day, Sunday evening worked out for most people - Covered the most essential topics, such as how much to charge, the importance of a portfolio, upload online (youtube/vimeo/etc), cinematography, lighting, backup, lenses, cameras, behind the scenes (Loved it) color grading (Popular topic that you could make more lessons on)


Hey Matteo, These lessons have thought me a lot over the past 4 weeks. Not only was I able to get back outside and shoot after not picking up my camera for awhile. I was able to produce memorable images by implementing things I learnt. Whether it was through the use of false colors to make sure my exposure was correct or using contrast to add depth to the shot. The class itself was very instructive, and fun, You showed us clips and broke down some of your own projects, explaining your thought process behind each scene. You made sure to answer each question anyone would have, and even extended the class to answer more questions. I hope in the near future we can get a master class on lighting techniques. If I had to give the class a number grade Its a 5/5